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Chefchaouen day trip (Best Morocco Day trip from Fes)

Have you ever stumbled across the name “the Blue town” while researching online blogs about the top tourist destinations in Morocco? Or maybe, it could be that you came upon photos of it on Pinterest. Either way, if you are a fan of traveling and seeing new locations then you’ve definitely already about Chefchaouen, the blue town of Morocco. This Best Morocco Day Trip from Fes​ to the heart of the Rif Mountains, where the lovely Chefchaouen town is located.

The rumors are true, and the pictures are not Photoshopped, Chefchaouen really is washed in vibrant blue color, covering its streets, houses, walls, buildings, etc. Now one is really sure as to why this came to be, but there are many theories concerning the origin of the blue color. What we know for sure is that Chefchaouen is stunning and definitely worth taking a day trip to when you visit Morocco.

Once we get to the town, we can discover its old Medina by walking through its narrow streets, lined from both sides with colorful handmade artisanal items proposed by shops and vendors. We will have a guided tour of the Chefchaouen, including its main town square, the Rass El Ma River, and its Kasbah mosque. We will also enjoy a traditional lunch at one of the local restaurants.

The excursion ends as we return to Fes in the evening.

 Meknes and Volubilis day trip (Best Morocco Day Trip from Fes)

For all fans of culture, history, and a bit of archeology, this day trip from Fes to Meknes and Volubilis is the perfect way to dive into Morocco’s rich past. During this excursion, you will be learning more about two very different time periods I Morocco’s history. With Meknes, you will discovering the different Moroccan dynasties that passed through and ruled the area, alongside the different treasures they left behind. As for Volubilis, it is a portal into the deep past, around the year 150 BC, when the area was under the rule of the Roman Empire. 

The excursion will start with the city of Meknes, where we will get a tour with the help of local guide, to better understand the significance of all of its historical landmarks. Meknes was founded in the 11th century during the Almoravid dynasty, but it didn’t become a glorious capital until the 17th century under the rule of the Alaouite dynasty. Some of the monuments we can visit are the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, the Bab Mansour gate and the Bou Inania traditional school.

After having lunch at a traditional restaurant in Meknes, we will head next to the nearby Volubilis town. Volubilis began its story in Neolithic times, with remains found dating back some 5000 years. Settled between the Zerhoune Mountain and its river valleys, it was a fertile area for growing crops. Fast forward to the Romans arrival in around 150 BC and its rule under a descendant of Cleopatra. We will walk around the town, which still holds many ruins from the Roman era such as the temple of Venus and the Arc of Triumph. After discovering the well-preserved ruins of Volubilis and learning more about their history, we will end our excursion by returning to Fes.

Middle atlas day trip (Best Morocco Day Trip from Fes)

For fans of outdoor activities, hikes, forests and nature, this day trip from Fes to the Middle Atlas Mountains is the perfect option. Morocco is traversed by the Atlas and Rif mountains, and is home to impressive peaks such as Mount Toubkal (the highest peak in North Africa) and Mount Mgoun. This day trip will be taking us to the heart of Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains.

Our First stop will be at perhaps the prettiest village in all of Morocco, Ifrane, nicknamed “The Switzerland of Morocco”. In Ifrane, green parks fill the city alongside chalets and other typical European architecture. After a stroll through the town center, we will be moving forward towards our next destination, the Cedar forests of Azrou. What’s so special about these forests is that they are the natural habitat of the native Barbary monkey species. We can have a refreshing walk through the cedar trees and hopefully get a glimpse of the monkeys (they’re accustomed to visitors!). Following that, we can head to Azrou’s main town to get a taste of the local’s Berber lifestyle.

After lunch, we can visit a magnificent nearby Lake called “Dayit Awa”. The lake offers breathtaking panoramic views, and is a great way to witness the true beauty of the Atlas Mountains. Finally, we will return to Fes in the evening, which marks the end of our excursion.

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