Best Tipping in Morocco

  • In Morocco, it is customary to provide a tip for even the stipping in Moroccomallest of favors, such as directions or parking help, and in more formal settings like restaurants and hotels.
  • Much like in many other countries, you should trust your intuition when deciding how much to tip, depending on the quality of service you get in Morocco. It’s important to remember that the current exchange rate puts the value of one dollar at around 10 dirhams.
  • Restaurants: Double-check your bill at the end of your meal at the upscale restaurants in tourist districts since they often add an extra 15%. Tipping at restaurants is unnecessary if you do not get decent service. It’s typical practice for diners in casual eateries not to leave a gratuity. If your service was exceptional, you should tip more than 15%.Tipping in Morocco
  • To get about, if the taxi meter reads 17 dirhams, round up to 20 dirhams. Taxi meters are notorious for being broken, so it’s usually a good idea to negotiate a fare before getting in. No gratuity is necessary if the taxi driver gives bad service or attempts to negotiate a higher fare after the ride.
  • Good Tipping in Morocco
    It is customary to tip a private driver about 200-500 dirhams (Dhs) each day, per passenger, at the trip’s conclusion. The driver’s contributions to the trip often go beyond transportation, including acting as an unofficial guide, translating for you, and helping with luggage. It would be best to tip your driver and any additional guides individually.

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