Live the adventure of Morocco family tours with us and enjoy a wonderful time in the important tourism destinations. Morocco, just a short journey across the Mediterranean, delivers a spectacular and compelling flavor of the exotic in a 3 hour flight. Wander through antique back doors loaded with vibrant aromas and leather items. Climb stunning sand dunes dotted with massive camels and Nomadic tents. Explore endless breeze-cleared seashore and climb through difficult mountains and lush valleys. Hello and welcome to Morocco!
Delicious suppers are made over an open fire in a clay Tagine, as the call to prayer echoes from the nearby mosque. The sun shines over a breathtaking, always changing sight as locals show welcoming smiles. Spend time in Morocco family tours with children and you’ll discover that westerners, particularly youngsters, are greeted with tremendous excitement and a warm ‘Salaam Aleikum.’
Morocco’s beauty is that you may return again and again and yet find something else than what’s expected to do, somewhere else to explore. Finally, here are our Top 10 things to do in Morocco family tours with your kids. Things that tourists always do with their children. However, you may learn more about the must-visited places in Morocco here.


  • Camel riding in the Sahara Desert (Morocco family tours):

Is there anything more ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ than riding a camel across the perfectly smooth sand hills of the Sahara? Unlimited photography opportunities of camel outlines and roly-polies on the sand (which obviously gets all over the place). At dusk, stop for mint tea and dinner beneath the stars. Furthermore, if you can stand it, the 4 a.m. reminder to view the sunrise is not to be missed.

  • Trekking across the Atlas Mountains’ Berber villages:

Even the youngest of children may enjoy this traditional Moroccan experience on the back of a donkey. You’ll spend the early morning wandering through rich valleys and charming cities with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains. Perhaps stop at a nearby waterfall for a freshly squeezed juice before strolling through olive and nuts forests. Join a local family for a delicious meal of tagine and freshly baked flatbreads. The schedule is really adjustable, which means that if your feet get tired, your Berber guide will pace the task correctly. Take a look at our Morocco Marrakech to the Middle Atlas Mountains tour.

  • Take a city tour around Fes (Morocco family tour):

In this fascinating city, the insane maze of side gates will leave you disoriented and confused. We recommend having a guide with you to ensure that you see all of the highlights as well as the lesser-visited areas of the souk. This is the real deal, so get the kids squabbling for that knickknack, that ‘must-have’ tea kettle, scarf, pocketbook, or key-ring, and go about your business like a neighborhood. See our Morocco Highlights sample itinerary, which includes a visit to Fes.

  • Live like kings in a magnificent Agafay desert camp:

A short drive from Marrakech will take you to the ultimate tranquillity of the Agafay Desert. Despite the fact that the desert extends in every direction, the camps don’t hold back on luxury. You will be greeted with a traditional performance of dancing and drumming, as well as a glass of refreshing mint tea. Spend the early evenings lounging in the pool or exploring the desert by camel or trailblazing bicycle. Dinner will be a Moroccan feast with wine and sodas flowing. After that, relax around an open fire while staring at a clear sky before sleeping to a wonderful en-suite desert tent. A must-see on all Morocco family tours.

  • Chill in a Marrakech Riad (Morocco family tours):

Any trip in Morocco family tours with kids isn’t complete without a stay in a Riad, a wonderful traditional shop accommodation. They’re a desert paradise of tranquility away from the teeming roadways and marketplaces, tucked behind magnificent and forcible entryways. Many include rooftop top terraces and pools, and nearly all have peaceful main yards. Mosaic tiles and vibrant plants and blooms can provide a splash of color to any room. A delight is having dinner or breakfast on the rooftop terrace, which provides a 10,000-foot view over the surrounding ancient pink rooves while listening to the call to prayer.

  • Mt Toubkal Summit:

Mount Toubkal, at 4,167m, is the highest point in North Africa and a fantastic ‘tick’ for any growing mountain enthusiast. Despite the fact that we recommend a brief preparation program, you may climb it in two days. This route takes you through the lower valleys before the final ascent. From the summit, there are breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains, the cities below, and, amazingly, the Sahara.
Despite the fact that Mount Toubkal is an open mountain accessible to people of all ages, with donkeys transporting visitors to the asylum, we recommend it mostly to families with children aged 10 and up.

  • The Todra and Dades Gorges are great places to cool down:

If you take the more ‘Sahara path’ between Fes and Marrakech on your Morocco family tours, you will see some wonderful sights. Todra and Dades Gorges are two of our favorite parts of the trip. The vertical dividers in Todra Gorge rise dramatically from the luxuriant valley bottom, and youngsters will enjoy swimming through the shallow rivers. They may unwind by engaging in water wars and rock bouncing over the river and beneath the scaffolds. Body surf the delicate waterfalls in the nearby Dades Gorge for extra (if rather nerve-racking) fun. Stay the night at the magnificent Hotel Babylon for the best in convenience, administration, and gastronomy. Definitely an activity that all Morocco family tours must include.

  • Getting lost in the Kasbah of Ait Benhadou:

Part of the ‘Road of 1000 Kasbahs’ is framed by this ancient fortress built on the slope of mud buildings, another favorite place in all Morocco family tours. Here, vast desert landscapes give way to beautiful desert springs and adobe villages. There is no need for a guide while you inspect the fortification; instead, enlist the help of the children. They will travel far beyond the shopkeepers and residents of the town to the highest point of this well-known film location. There’s a lot of cairn-building fun and amazing views to be experienced here. See our Morocco plan that includes a visit to the Ait Benhadou Kasbah.

  • Discover Essaouira (Morocco family tours):

Wind-cleared seashores, Desert sand hills (nearly) and endless shopping opportunities are normally available in Essaouira. This long-standing Atlantic coast Portuguese town has been on the flower child path since Hendrix and is a must-see on all Morocco family tours with kids. Try your best at kitesurfing, observe the fishing boats as they enter the harbor, and dine at one of the westernized restaurants (for when you are somewhat worn out on tagines). Anyone for moules frites?
Convenient ranges from luxury downtown Riads to family-friendly motels with pools only a short stroll along the promenade. Our favorite is the Riads, a relaxed rambling complex of wandering aimlessly ancient structures that you and your children would never want to leave. Check our special Essaouira day trip.

  • Splash around in pools, pools, and more pools:

Let’s face it, when it comes to finding a vacation for the kids… All they really require is a pool. You can see find pools on the coast in Essaouira, multi-pool accommodations in the High Atlas Mountains, pools right next to the Sahara in Merzouga, rooftop plunge pools in Marrakech and Fes, and even pools in the quiet Agafay Desert. So grab your water guns and travel south to Morocco to have the best Morocco family tours!

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