What to expect in Fes desert tour

Why Fes desert tour could be an important journey?. Fes is the second most populated city in Morocco, it is also considered as the oldest city in the country and the first imperial city of the four imperial cities in Morocco. It is a very important city as it contains the most important archaeological monuments that indicates and shows the Moroccan culture throughout the ancient eras coming up to this day. One of the most important of these monuments is the wall that surrounds the city and its worldwide iconic eight gates. Another interesting fact about the old city of Fez is that it is the largest car-free area in the world.

The Moroccan Sahara desert have become one of the areas witnessing the most noticeable tourist movement and activity, especially in the tents that are installed in the middle of the sand dunes to spend beautiful and romantic moments, while enjoying the warm sun in the day and the light of the stars and moon at night away from the atmosphere of hotels and usual accommodations, the thing that enables the visitors to live a different and unique experience.

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fes desert tour

Where to visit in Fes Desert Tour:

A Fes desert tour includes a lot of exciting places that must be seen, but depending on the time you have and the schedule of your Fes desert tour. However, you might have the opportunity to visit more exciting places and monuments. Eventually, we will put the important ones first so that you don’t miss any of them; remember that the visited sites differ depending on your chosen program. Least here is a list of the areas that must be seen in a Fes desert tour:

Al Quarawiyin Mosque and University:

One of the country’s oldest and most famous mosques. At present is known for being the oldest University in the world. It was built more than one thousand years in 857 AD. En affects this, the thing we should do in this.






The Royal palace:

Or Dar el Makhzen in Fez is located directly across from the Jewish Quarter. Previously, it served as the residence of the Sultan. However, you cannot enter the palace as a visitor. However, it still looks impressive from the outside with its magnificent gates that usually attract visitors to take great photographs.

Erg Chebbi:

A brilliant and beautiful orange dune under the Saharan sun, between Merzouga city and the borders with Algeria, lies the Chebbi’s beautiful dunes in the middle of the vast Sahara. A Fes desert tour must consist of paying a visit to this place.

Khamlia Village or The Black Village:

A small and beautiful village near Erg Chebbi dunes, famous for being a calm and peaceful place where you can surely experience the beauty of the Sahara desert.

Madrasa Bouaananiya:

One of the most famous schools in Morocco, it was built 700 years ago. And what makes it popular is the unique Islamic architecture and its beautiful designs.

Moulay Idriss Mausoleum:

It is considered the heart of the old medina; it is a building that is consisted of a mausoleum where the legendary sultan Moulay Idriss II died 1200 years ago; it’s one of the most popular touristic places in Morocco not only between tourists but also locals from around the country visit it too.

The Old walls of Fes city:

These walls are considered one of the city’s most famous monuments, the barriers that go back to the period of Mowahidis before more than 800years. These walls surround the town and have eight famous gates.

Todgha Gorge:

A popular series of limestone river canyons in the east of the High Atlas Mountains, also known for being the tallest gorge in Morocco and for its beautiful landscapes and panoramic views.


Where to stay during the Fes desert tour:

When you visit Fes, a lovely place, you’d really like to stay in a hotel that is just as beautiful. Riads, the typical Moroccan lodging with fountain-studded courtyards, rooftop terraces, and chill places for enjoying cups of mint tea, is an experience that must be experienced in a Fes desert tour.

In the Sahara desert, the best thing is to stay the night in camp, enjoying the Berber or Gnawa music, under the sky and stars of the Sahara in a lovely and romantic center in the middle of the golden dunes of the desert. An experience that for sure can happen once-a-life-time exclusively in a Fes desert tour.

When to go for a Fes desert tour:

The weather generally in Morocco is relatively mild, and the temperature is suitable nearly the whole year, either in March, October, November, or December, any month you’re good to go for a Fes desert tour. Many tourists like to visit in the months of summer, or from mid-March to May, to avoid the crowd and the complete streets in the old medina of Fes. Many tourists prefer October to visit the desert region when Merzouga and Erfoud and the surrounding valleys are at their most luxuriant and vibrant.

What to pack in Fes desert tour:

You might be asking yourself what you should pack for a Fes desert tour and what you should not. You should not fill too much; Morocco is a very cheap country when it comes to clothes or any other thing you need, and here are the most important things that you will need whether you are a man or a woman:

The sun is scorching, so a sun hat is a must here.

Some warm clothes because the nights in the Sahara desert might be cold.

A lightweight travel scarf is needed to keep the sun and sand from your face in the Sahara.


Finally, and to exclude this Fes desert tour mini guide, Morocco has become a trendy touristic destination for people worldwide. Be smart and choose one of our programs to live the best experience of your life, for sure a life-changing once-a-life-time experience.

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