Casablanca is Morocco’s principal entrance and many tourists’ first impression of the country. Otherwise, it is home to the main international airport, and you should consider Casablanca travel. This busy metropolis is Morocco’s economic and industrial capital, with a contemporary swagger unmatched in the rest of the country. This post of the best six attractions to visit in Casablanca will feel like real Morocco.
It cannot match the history and tradition of Marrakech and Fes, and most tourists either pass through or stay one night. Even though Casablanca’s tourist destinations and things to do are limited, you will uncover some hidden treasures if you go a bit deeper.
The new Hassan II Mosque is one of the city’s top attractions, and a tour of the structure is worth an overnight stay. Architecture admirers might also spend a bit of time in Casablanca’s downtown quarter, which has several intact Mauresque facades.
With this list of the top attractions and things to do while your Casablanca travel, you can discover the most significant locations to visit in the city on your next trip.


Take a Look Inside Hassan II Mosque, a must-see in any Casablanca travel:

The Hassan II mosque dominates the whole city from the seashore, just beyond the northern extremity of Casablanca’s medina (old city). It is the world’s second-largest mosque, encompassing two hectares, and the world’s highest minaret. It was completed in 1993. (200 meters high).
The prayer hall can hold 25,000 attendees, while the courtyard (which has a retractable cover) can save an additional 80,000.
Every centimeter of the surface is covered with an astonishingly exquisite design. The setting is breathtaking on the tip of the rocky bay just above the ocean.
Non-Muslims are welcome to visit the mosque on one of the mosque’s free guided tours. The tours begin numerous times a day at the mosque’s western gate. Hassan II Mosque is one of the best attractions to visit in Casablanca on your next Casonlanca trip.

Enjoy the Architecture of Center Casablanca:

Place Mohamed V is Casablanca’s primary square and home to several of the city’s significant administrative buildings, including the general post office, Palace of Law, Tribunal, French embassy, and Moroccan National Bank, it is a must to visit this site in any Casablanca travel.
The building facades are entirely designed in the neo-Moorish (Mauresque) design that French Resident-General Lyautey envisioned for the city when he began renovating Casablanca in the early twentieth century.
Casablanca’s city center district, for both Place Mohamed V as well as Boulevard Mohamed V, is brimming with this architectural style, which combines Art Deco and Art Nouveau with traditional Moroccan styling.
Take a walk down Rue Tahar Sabti as well as Boulevard Mohamed V in specific to see some of the greatest building facades.

Discover Casablanca’s Medina:

While Casablanca’s medina (old city district) lacks the ancient feel of Fes and Marrakech’s medinas, the maze-like jumble of alleyways is nevertheless an attractive spot to wander.
The medina here primarily comes from the early nineteenth century, with the Scala (the sea-facing defensive wall) being the first architectural works, dating from the 18th century when Portugal controlled this coast. Eventually, we talk about the best six attractions to visit in Casablanca, but there are lots.
Because the district is a mix of market streets and residential areas, it’s a perfect site to feel the pulse of Casablanca life.
On the medina’s southern side, numerous remarkable koubbas (shrines) are also devoted to local Muslim holy men.

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Enjoy Some Sea Air along the Corniche:

Head to the Hassan II Mosque for coastal panoramas and fresh sea breezes near to downtown, and then wander the east side of Casablanca’s Seafront road from there. From this current perspective, you may also take spectacular photos of the mosque extending out into the Atlantic Ocean.
From here, the Corniche road runs west along Casablanca’s coast, all the way to the city’s coastal area of Ain Diab.
Ain Diab’s beachfront is currently dominated by upscale hotels and restaurants. Because the public beach here isn’t especially clean, the private beach clubs do a booming business, with sunbathers soaking up the rays and splashing within club swimming pools.
On warm weekends, Ain Diab’s stretch of the Corniche is an excellent place to folks, with many local families picnicking and promenading.
From downtown Casablanca, you may take a tram all the distance to Ain Diab.

Visit the Cathedral du Sacre Coeur in Casablanca:

This magnificent cathedral was constructed in the 1930s, and its architecture is a perfect combination of European and Moroccan traditions.
Unfortunately, it has been allowed to wither over the last few decades and is now in desperate need of restoration. Even in its current state of disrepair, the edifice is stunning.
Knock on the door, and if you’re lucky, the guardian will be there to let you in (for a tip) to see the cathedral’s majestic interior.
The modernist-style Notre Dame de Lourdes (on Boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni) church, erected in the 1950s and lighted by a large stained-glass window is also worth a visit in central Casablanca travel.

Visit the Museum of Moroccan Judaism:

This home in Casablanca’s peaceful, affluent district of Oasis is devoted to the 2,000-year heritage of Morocco’s Jewish population. The mansion has a long history with the local Jewish population, and it was once utilized as a Jewish orphanage.
Photographs, traditional clothing, religious artifacts, and dioramas depict the rich legacy of Moroccan Jews, with a focus on Casablanca’s Jewish population. The collection is carefully labeled, that has plenty of information detailing the displays’ history and cultural relevance.
The most notable exhibit is the synagogue, which was originally from the city of Larache and was transferred and rebuilt here.


So this was our list of 6 of the must visit attractions that you can’t forget visiting in your Casablanca travel, keep in mind that Casablanca is a huge city that has a lot more of other attractions that we couldn’t mention, and if you were considing having a trip to Casablanca, we can help you with that, with our special itinerary for Casablanca travel Tours we will for sure make the vacation of your dreams come true.


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